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I bring a unique blend of data wizardry and HR acumen to the table, transforming your human resources data into a goldmine of insights and opportunities.

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Services We Offer


Boost your team's efficiency by streamlining your high-touch workflows.

Search & Match

Let's 10x your search relevance and speed. I can also build, or improve, your automated match system.

Data Quality Monitoring

For winning the long-game you need insight into your data. I can help you spot the missing pieces and solve them forever.

Data Acquisition & Integrations

Easily combine different data sources to help your team quickly find the best matches for job opportunities.

Data Cleaning and Normalization

Improve data consistency and accuracy across your systems, ensuring fast and accurate search and match.

Data Enrichment

Enrich candidate data with fresh contact information and job history to stay a step ahead of your competition.

Machine Learning & Generative AI

From parsing resumes to generating job descriptions, I can help you build a system that will save you time and money.

HR Analytics

Understanding your data is the key to making better decisions. I can help you build a system that will give you the insights you need to make the right decisions.

What else can we do together?

Let me turn the impossible into reality with your data.

Use Cases

ATS Data Quality Monitoring

Our ATS Data Quality Monitor transforms HR operations by offering comprehensive insights into candidate data. It tracks candidate inflow trends and pinpoints deficiencies in the intake process, enhancing recruitment strategies. This tool also revitalizes marketing efforts by easily identifying long-inactive candidates. Additionally, it sheds light on the impact of data normalization on overall data quality, ensuring more accurate HR decision-making.

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